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The Swedish Paper Workers Union

The Swedish Paper Workers Union - Pappers - organizes all blue-collar workers within the Pulp and Paper Industry. The number of members is 13 500 and employed in the industry is about 12 500. The level of organization is just belowe 94,5 percent. White-collar workers are organized in trade unions for clerical staff.

Pappers consist of 54 local unions, one for each mill, from Nymölla in the south of Sweden to Karlsborg in the north. The head-office is a workplace for 9 trade union officers, including the select committee, and 11 of administrative staff. In Sweden the trade union runs the unemployment insurance why 5 of the total 21 work with this.

The production of pulp was 12 145 thousand tonnes a year (2006) and of paper 12 066 thousand tonnes a year. The main companies in Sweden are StoraEnso, SCA, Holmen and M-real. StoraEnso and M-real are based in Finland but are big employers in Sweden.

Pappers is a member of the international federation IndustriALL Global Union and of the European federation IndustriALL Europe. In Scandinavia we are members of the Nordic Industrial Federation – Nordic IN.

If you have questions about our union or want to contact Pappers, do not hesitate to contact us!
Political Trade Union Officer
Conny Nilsson conny.nilsson@pappers.se